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About Smithfield Hams

What Ham To Choose?

Not sure which of our distinctively flavored gourmet hams your tastes would prefer? Follow this simple guide for great tasting flavor - start to finish.

 Genuine Smithfield Hams

A long cut ham with the most distinctive pungent flavor and salt content. Best when sliced paper thin. These hams are dry salt-cured, slowly hickory smoked, and aged for six months to one year.

The Jordan's Virginia Ham - Curing, smoking, and aging is the same as the Genuine Smithfield Ham - the difference is that after brown sugar is added the ham is baked well-sauced with wine glaze.

Smithfield & Williamsburg Premium Country Hams

A milder flavor, short cut, hickory smoked ham that should also be sliced very thin. This too is dry salt-cured, but with less salt content because the curing process is shortened and aged to a minimum of three to six months.

In case of mold on your uncooked dry salt cured ham or bacon, simply wash in hot water and scrub mold off with a stiff brush before cooking. Like fine aged cheese, dy cured hams and bacon tend to mold under certain conditions.

Smithfield Lean Generation Premium Pork

Designed for the health-conscious consumer, Smithfield Lean Generation is up to 97% fat free.

Smithfield Premium Pork

These smoked hams are the most tender, with the mildest flavor, and much lower in salt content than the dry-cured country style hams.

Smithfield Lean Generation Pork

Designed for the health-conscious consumer, Smithfield Lean Generation is up to 97% fat free. In fact, several items carry the American Heart Association HeartCheck Certification.

To Prepare Your Cooked Ham

Further preparation of fully cooked country and genuine Smithfield hams is unnecessary. The ham may be heated in aluminum foil on low heat just until warm. If you add a glaze on the ham, bake until caramelized on top (approximately 15 minutes).

To Prepare Your Uncooked Ham

Wash ham thoroughly in warm water. Use a stiff brush to remove surface mold if present. This mold is in no way injurious. Aged hams, like aged cheeses, mold in the process. To reduce saltiness, soak ham in cold water for 24 hours or longer prior to cooking.Change water every four (4) hours. Changing the water during soaking will aid in drawing salt from the ham. (If a milder salt flavor is desired, soak ham for 36 hours.) Cook your ham using the Water or Oven cooking instructions listed below.

Water Cooking

Place ham skin side down in a large roasting pan, skin side down and cover with cool water. Cook to 163 degrees internal temperature (or about 25 minutes per pound) Add water as needed to keep ham covered. When done, take ham from pan. While the ham is still warm, remove skin carefully without tearing the fat. If a sweet coating is desired, sprinkle the fat side with brown sugar and bread crumbs and bake in oven at 400F. until brown (approximately 15 minutes).

Oven Cooking

Wrap ham in heavy-duty aluminum foil joining edges carefully and forming a vessel with the bottom layer. Add five cups of water within the foil and place in oven with a tray or shallow pan underneath for support. Preheat oven to 300 F , bake approximately three hours or 20 minutes per pound. Using a meat thermometer, check for 163 degree internal temperature in the thickest part of the ham. Remove ham from oven when correct internal temperature has been reached and let cool to room temperature for one hour. Remove skin and fat as desired. If a sweet coating is desired. sprinkle the fat side with brown sugar and bread crumbs and bake in a 400 degree oven until brown (approximately 15 minutes).

Important:Do not open oven door until the cook cycle is completed, including the last 6-8 hours.


There are three easy steps to elegantly carving your Genuine Smithfield and Cuntry Bone-In Hams.
With ham on platter, fat side up, begin slicing about two inches from hock or small end. Make first cut straight through to the bone.
Slant the knife for each succeeding cut.
Decrease slant as slices become larger.


This product is already fully cooked and we suggest that you serve it at room temperature. If you like it warmed, please heat in your oven at 325 degrees at 12 minutes/lb.  Please do not overheat this product because it is already fully cooked.

Start by cutting slices off the large (butt) end of the ham. After a few slices you'll run into the first of the spiral cuts. Then make cuts along the natural seams of the ham's surface parallel to the bone. There are three easy steps remaining:
  • Cut along the natural seam on the top (as it faces you), extending knife point as far back into the ham as you wish to remove slices and then down and to the left, parallel to the bone, exiting at the natural seam.
  • Then make a second cut along the top (where the first section was removed) parallel to the bone, around to the right and exiting at the natural seam.
  • To remove the final section, cut down to the right, parallel to the bone until the section is free.

You are now ready to serve and enjoy your Whole Spiral Sliced Ham.

Cooking Instructions For Your  Spiral Sliced Ham Honey Glazed or Spiral Sliced Brown Sugar Glazed Ham

To heat and glaze your Spiral Sliced Honey Glazed or Spiral Sliced Brown Sugar Glazed Ham, we recommend the following instructions for best results.

Warming - Conventional Oven
Place ham in pan with a small amount of water, cover pan tightly with aluminum foil or lid, and heat at 325 degrees F for approximately 12 minutes per pound.

Warming - Microwave Oven
Remove all packaging material and place ham on microwave safe roasting rack in utility dish. Heat on medium for about 10 minutes per pound, rotating ham every 15 minutes, until internal temperature reaches 130 degrees F.

Remove ham from oven approximately 1/2 hour before end of recommended warming time. Empty contents of brown sugar glaze packet into small saucepan. Add 1/2 tablespoon of warm water. Heat glaze mixture on high, stirring constantly, until glaze begins to boil. Remove immediately from heat. Using a glaze brush, apply glaze immediately by brushing it evenly over the surface of the warm ham. (For a thicker coating, allow glaze to cool 4 to 5 minutes before applying to ham.) Bake glazed ham at 225 degrees F for 25 to 30 minutes. Remove glazed ham from oven and serve.

***Note: Improper heating or overcooking tends to dry ou the ham.

Storing Ham


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